A Bordeaux Blog

Rule number one for writing a blog should surely be to have a purpose in mind. What am I trying to achieve with a Bordeaux Blog?  Where’s the Mission Statement for my Bordeaux Blog? I’m afraid there isn’t one and I’m not sure where I’ll be going with it either.

If there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s for the blog, like some diaries of previous generations, to become a higher priority than the experience itself, for the blog to become the master and the raison d’etre. There’s certainly a risk that I’ll seek out good experiences that can be reported in the blog, and being a vine grower, wine producer and Bordeaux critic for a UK magazine should see me fall into all sorts of situations. As will dealing with so many interesting and varied customers in the UK and beyond.

To be frank, I think I’ll just let things run their course.  I intend to write a post perhaps twice a week on average, if I can make the time.  I am sure there’ll be no shortage of material unless things get very dull around here, but our children, colleagues, friends and locals will see to that.  Your feedback will be most welcome. 

The bigger challenge will be to design an interesting website with all my scores, notes and prices from my work as a Bordeaux wine critic.  But I’ll have a go. One of the biggest thrills is receiving emails from friends to say just how good my advice was for purchasing top Bordeaux, whether it was for drinking or to lay down for investment. 

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