Barton 2001-2008

Barton - 23Thank you to everyone for the messages of support following the tragic death of our great little dog, Barton. For those friends and visitors to Bauduc who haven’t seen the news in our Gazette in the post, we are sorry to report that he was killed on 18 May.

For the first time ever, a family brought a dog with them to stay in the farmhouse and we had made it clear that we had two (harmless) dogs. Their dog, an obese dalmatian which had apparently come from a refuge, attacked and mortally wounded Barton as soon as they let it out of the house by mistake. He died in Angela’s arms as we drove him to the vet.

It still seems incredible to us that a dog lover could bring a dog, knowing it was a danger to other dogs, all the way from Rutland to Bordeaux by car, only for it to savage their hosts’ much-loved pet. They had barely unpacked before they left, mortified, just as we were burying the little chap. Added to which, we haven’t heard a word from them since. No flowers, no note, no email.

Barton, so named because his sister had gone to live with the Bartons of Château Léoville-Barton, never said boo to a goose and was an institution at Bauduc. He will leave a big void for such a small fellow, and will be missed not only by us but also by so many visitors – especially those he welcomed to the farmhouse. Looking through the visitors’ book, there are more comments thanking Barty for his good humour and hospitalty than anyone else.

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