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We hosted a Bondholder dinner here at the château on saturday night, and a family of Bondholders (that is, one with two generations of Bondholders) rented the farmhouse for the week. Unfortunately, they had to leave earlier than planned but were at pains to point out that it had nothing to do with our cooking. It was a pity, because the garden is glorious when the sun is shining, and the heated pool looks seriously inviting.

But, as it was now free, we put the house to good use. This is the week of sending out the Gazette, at long last, so the small task of stuffing nearly 4000 envelopes was carried out here. I think this may have to be the last time of sending out a personalised covering letter, now that Angela refuses to sign any letters, as she has a recurring problem with her shoulder and shows symptons of repetitive stress syndrome. As a result, the signing count was Angela 22, me 3867. Of course, we should use automated signatures, but I have an aversion to them. 

Download La Gazette No. 21 Summer 2008 as pdf (1.8mb)

After a debacle two years ago, when La Poste failed to frank the envelopes and numerous customers in Britain were obliged to pay for what could loosely be described as junk mail, we are very nervous about what’s going to happen this time.

I drove the entire consignment down to the sorting office in Bordeaux, and this helpful chap assured me that everything would be fine, especially once he had cleared things up with his mate on the receiving end in Paris. A donation of wine to the next office party seemed to help.

Fingers crossed. If you don’t receive a Gazette and you think you should be on this exclusive mailing list,

please email me. If my inbox is full, you’ll know that La Poste have been up to their old tricks.

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  1. Dad

    Gavin, thoroughly enjoyed the entire blog. My first visit to a blog and if they're as good as this it won't be the last. Which wines did you order in Gerona? Hope the weather treats you kindly for the rest of the season.