In Praise of White Bordeaux

The UK’s most influential wine critic, Jancis Robinson MW, posted a great article on the ‘subscribers only’ section of her website with the headline ‘In praise of white Bordeaux’ at the beginning of August, following a tasting for British Airways.

“I strongly urge you to take advantage of the revolution in white winemaking in Bordeaux. I know I have said the same about Rhone wines but that doesn’t make it any less true of Bordeaux. If only there were a similar revolution in Burgundy…”

Strong stuff, but as a vinespotter in Bordeaux and not Burgundy, I’m not rushing to complain. Days earlier, Eric Asimov, the New York Times’ wine critic, posted this equally positive piece, entitled ‘A Bordeaux of a different color’, on his excellent blog, The Pour. ‘For good white Bordeaux, 2007 is a superb vintage’.

Earlier in July, we sent out our first carte postale email to a few friends and customers, urging them to consider our Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2007 this summer. Naturally, we got more replies saying ‘we love the postcard’ than actual orders, but bit by bit the message is getting through. There are some really good wines made with sauvignon blanc and/or sémillon from this part of the world, especially from the 2006 and 2007 vintages.  And for around £20 on the wine list, I still think ours is the best value wine at restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London’s only three Michelin star restaurant. 

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