Caterers in for the Weekend

We took a break from the harvest by entertaining a team from Charlton House, the caterers, who were staying with us for the weekend in the chateau and in the farmhouse. Dinner at the chateau on friday night was followed by a tour of Bordeaux vineyards on saturday, with a full-on evening out at La Tupina, Bordeaux’s best known restaurant. The wine list there is on the pricey side, and we wanted to drink wine from vineyards we’d visited, so we asked them politely if we could bring a bottle or two. They agreed and the bottle or two expanded to four magnums, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Cepes are in season, so these, served with scallops, and the house speciality of foie gras pan-fried with a grape sauce, were the popular choice for starters. And you can’t go wrong with Cote de Boeuf, cooked rare. God knows what the bill would have been if we hadn’t taken along all the red wine.

After gorging ourselves, it was out in the vineyard for me on a fresh sunday morning, tasting grapes with a dodgy palate. Then roast chicken for sunday lunch, which is usually preceded at this time of year by fresh oysters bought from the village. Unbeatable with a glass of chilled Bauduc blanc.

Fun, slightly exhausting, and next time we should consider hiring in some outside help. A flurry of emails though from grateful guests on their return home, including one from Joint MD Caroline Fry saying ‘your hospitality was amazing’, make homespun events like these all the more worthwhile.

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