Red: The Good, The Bad and The Deadly

We’re still hanging in there, or rather the red grapes are. The forecast, although constantly changing, is in our favour. After some rain yesterday, more rain now and we’d have to harvest like crazy. Worse still, some of the grapes aren’t quite there yet and the days – and hours of sunlight – are getting shorter. 

Our vines look great, especially compared to one of our next door neighbours in the Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux, who must have taken the summer off (left). Them grapes are sure gonna be no darn good.

Will our lovely grapes ripen before the ugly rot gets there first (right)?

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One thought on “Red: The Good, The Bad and The Deadly

  1. Barrie Hoar

    We have never met but looking at your picture just a little rot is appearing.
    I harvested all my Merlot on 14 October at 13% with acidity etc at levels that were better than my 2006 and 2007 crop.
    As for rain north of Libourne – we have had none for nearly 3 months so we were lucky!