Reducing Costs with Child Labour

Now that we’re entering a recession, we’ve hit on the idea of bringing in local children to carry out the menial tasks of picking the grapes. The schoolteachers in our local town have been only too happy to get their charges out into the fresh air, and best of all the kids are just the right height to be cutting off the bunches. And they’re free.

After all, they’ve been bringing in students from Denmark to Chateau Leoville Poyferré in St-Julien for years (left), and although their harvesters are a touch older, and quite a bit blonder, it looks to be a good way of saving a few bob. 

As well as manual harvesting, the kids are helping us to press the grapes. Oh, hello, is that the Inspecteur du travail coming down the drive? Or the bloke from Axa?

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