All Hands on Deck

We’re bringing in all the merlot this week, so everyone’s helping out on the sorting table. Most of the time we’re removing any unwanted leaves or green bits, as we just want the fresh, ripe grapes going into the fermentation tanks.

So the children can cope just as well, as can Ronan, the former head sommelier from Gordon Ramsay’s, below.

Tom and Amelia, sporting the very smart Bauduc apron, would certainly rather do this than go to school.

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2 thoughts on “All Hands on Deck

  1. Ronan

    Just a wonderful picture.
    Thanks very much for putting that on the internet
    I look like uncle Fester from the Adams family
    Cheers Gav

  2. GQ

    Dear Uncle Fester
    Thanks for the comment. My concern wasn't who you look like, more that you're not paying attention to what your doing. Gavin.