Oz and James visit Château Bauduc

As Oz Clarke and James May prepare to wrap up their third series on BBC2 (Tuesdays, 8pm), here is their very first Big Wine Adventure pitstop back in August 2006.

‘How was your trip?’ I asked. ‘You’re the first living people we’ve seen’ was James’s first dejected remark to us, after their long drive south to Bordeaux. Their Wine Adventure had begun.

In hindsight, it would have been better not to mention the price of a bottle as it dates very quickly. £6.50? These were the heady days when the exchange rate was 1.47 euros to the pound, and UK duty on a bottle was a lot less.

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You can also do this on YouTube by clicking on the video window above. While we’re on the subject of YouTube, it’s difficult not to laugh at this clip from a more recent episode.

Fair to say that by this stage in their relationship, they were letting their hair down.

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5 thoughts on “Oz and James visit Château Bauduc

  1. Ronan

    Checking your blog is like waiting for a blackcab, nothing for ages then 3 together!
    Real shame about the big cedar. But I am glad Ridley Scott finally gave you the editors cuts from James and Oz.
    I am going to Napa valley on Monday!
    take care

  2. Jo Scott-Smith

    I was thinking how great it was to see a video of Bauduc and family and then realised it is already 2 years out of date! Do tell Daniel and Nelly they look great on TV. I think you should make Daniel head of culture as well as chef de culture. I'm sure Oz and James were pruning on the same row I first harvested at Bauduc….

  3. patrick lynch

    great vid, think it was just before Larissas time , sent it to a friend who may be doing some articles on wine generally and you may hear from them – the tree loss is a tragedy!