Start of the Harvest 2009

The 2009 Bordeaux white wine harvest at Château Bauduc began at 9am, on the ninth of the ninth.

We picked a couple of hectares of young Sauvignon Blanc vines by hand, with the help of some of Britain’s most talented students and the youngest members of the Quinney family who don’t have school on wednesdays.

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7 thoughts on “Start of the Harvest 2009

  1. Jimmy KP

    Good to see the improvement in the weather has put a smile back on everyone's faces and it looks like business as usual. [harbingers of doom please take note and place your orders!]. Also i couldn't help noticing, as your barked instructions to your troops, more than a passing resemblence to Fabio Capello – all you need is the glasses.

    1. Gavin

      Thanks JKP
      In fact, I do own a pair of Fabio Capello specs, which are zerorh+. They are not easy to find but they can be tracked down at – I bought my varifocals (i.e. with expensive lenses due to wonky eyesight) at Paris Miki opticians in Regent Street. I suggested that if they put a small poster up in the window, they'd attract a lot of business. I don't think they knew what I was talking about. Meanwhile, I'll stick a photo up on my facebook account so you can see the full Fabio look – all I need to do now is dye my hair dark brown in time for next year's World Cup. Yours aye, off back to the harvest, Gavin

  2. Rhys

    Did your young pickers know what they were in for when you invited them all over to Bordeaux for a 'free camping holiday'? Hope the harvest is going well, keep the vids coming.

    1. Gavin

      We quite like the idea of a working camping holiday for the pickers. As you'll see from future harvest videos, machines are a bit quicker and don't need feeding, beers or putting up. But it's not quite as much fun as having a resident team. Yours, Gavin.

  3. Anne M

    What a fab way of spending your 21st – I am sure in years to come they will all look back fondly at the hard work expended – but maybe not just yet:)

  4. Bruce & Bridget

    Dear Gavin & Angela

    Great video! Hope that you get the luck you deserve and that you will need at least two tents for pickers in 2010! Lunching with the opposition, staying in the amazing Frank Gehry hotel at Marques de Riscal, only 4,000,000 bottles a year and not a patch on Bauduc! Off to San Sebastian with Marilyn and will raise a glass to Jeremy, make mine a Bauduc!!

    Lots of love

    B & B