We’ve Found a Bigger Tractor

dsc_0127After the debacle of our tractor going up in smoke as it struggled with a trailer full of grapes, coming back from our newly leased vineyards up the road, I managed to find a chap with a slightly bigger one. Thierry also has a very fine trailer to go with it (apparently there are only six as big as this yellow one in the whole of the Gironde), which is handy as our singed effort is being repaired. Nelly may not be tall, but she can hardly reach the step of the John Deere. Unfortunately it’s all only on loan.

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2 thoughts on “We’ve Found a Bigger Tractor

  1. Mark macKenzie-Charr

    Chateau Bauduc 2009 Blanc Sec with subtle smokey flavours a background hint of tarmac with a long lasting finish of deisel!

    Love your blog & news letters, Gazette almost as much as the wine!

    All the best for a successful vintage after such a start.