We’re up, thanks, but how was it for you?


Hot on the heels of the positive spin coming from the major UK retailers about their Christmas sales, including Majestic’s 12% increase in the nine weeks of the festive season, we’re delighted that our UK wine sales were up 35% by value in November and December compared to the same months in 2008. This excludes Bauduc Bond sales which don’t count just yet, as they are filed under ‘Bordeaux futures’.

What’s quite interesting is that we actually sent out less emails out to customers in 2009, contrary to what you might think: six from 1st October to Christmas – one a fortnight – compared to eight in 2008. We’re learning that no-one likes being inundated with crap when an occasional offer or seasonal reminder will do. Our Christmas Gazette –  “A Season to be Jolly” – sent in the UK post certainly helped.

All these sales were direct to customers, so more important than the short-term sales results, we’d like to know what you think. We’re busy emailing those customers who placed an order online to see what they thought of the wine or the service – or indeed the marketing – and have set up a special ‘Your Say’ page for comments on this blog called ‘How was it for You?’ – see the box on the right.

We welcome your thoughts on this or any other topic – whether you placed an order or not.

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6 thoughts on “We’re up, thanks, but how was it for you?

  1. Tarrian Spiers

    Well done for the increase in sales, you deserve it, I hope this continues for the rest of the year for you. It was the first time for me with Baudoc, service excellent, as was the wine, I will be coming for more! I like the web page, although I have to say I prefer to order by speaking to a live person. But that is just me. Well done, Happy New Year & a prosperous one. Thank you.

  2. Malcolm Beill

    The 3 bottle wooden cases and the Ramsay signature bottles went down well with our customers and provided a good talking point.

    The wine arrived just 48 hours days after the order was placed – good service as ever.

  3. Matt Grant


    The wine arrived in good time (as always) and for the most part has been excellent (as usual). However of the 42 bottles ordered (30 we kept back for ourselves and 12 we gave away) 2 of the Bordeaux Blanc 2008 were found to be corked. I'm not sure about either what has caused this (we've not had a "bad" bottle from you before) or what you can do for us to compensate for 2 bottles down the sink but your comments would be appreciated. Thanks and Bottoms Up!

  4. Ray Stannard

    Being a bondholder, I have the benefit of always having most of the wines to hand. What is becoming very apparent is the ability, especially of the reds, to keep and mature. The 2002 Clos des Quinze, bought as a bin end last year, is a steal and easliy competes above its station. Next step – inclusion in the 1855 classification!! [You've got to think big]. Seriously, I have yet to have a negative reaction to your wines. I'm due to give a talk/tasting shortly, and I plan to showcase both the red and whites. As these will be people who do not know me, they should be more objective – but I'm still expecting positive feedback. i'll let you know.



  5. Simon Coan

    The website is exceptionally clear and informative..couldn't get any of the chateau bauduc for Christmas as you had sold out I must order earlier. I have to agree with the amount of emails sent less is more as it concentrates the mind at the time of receiving.

  6. Christine McDermott

    We served your Bordeaux Blanc at our son's 32 birthday meal last week. He is a head cheff and a real fan of Gorden Ramsey. It accompanyed a chinese meal that we cooked between us and everyone raved about it. They were most impressed it was bith Gorden's and Rick's house wine. Only a copple of bottles left now. Time for another order I think.