25 Collectables from Bordeaux 2009

Latour, Château Margaux and Pétrus are among my favourite wines from Bordeaux 2009. My interest in those wines is, regrettably, academic – yet if I could afford to stuff my cellar with the following wines from the next tier down, all for under a grand a box, or much less in some cases, I certainly would. (OK, the four top Pomerols here will be over a thousand a case so my rules have gone out the window.)

Included is the name of the Château, the appellation,  L or R for Left or Right Bank, my score out of 100 (I think in terms of a small ‘spread’ when the wine is still in barrel) and the estimated maturity date for drinking each wine at its best.

There’s also the likely cost when prices are released by the Châteaux to merchants in May and June. The rough price guide is as follows:

€€€€ £1000 to £2000, €€€ £500 to £1000, €€ £200 to £500 and € Under £200 (Per case of 12 to the consumer, ex duty and VAT).

The full list of my Top 150 wines can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet here

Montrose St-Estèphe L 96-98 2025-2050 €€€
Pichon-Longueville Baron Pauillac L 95-97 2020-2040 €€€
Pontet-Canet Pauillac L 95-97 2018-2035 €€€
L’Evangile Pomerol R 95-97 2018-2030 €€€€
Trotanoy Pomerol R 95-97 2020-2038 €€€€
L’ Eglise Clinet Pomerol R 94-97 2020-2035 €€€€
Beauséjour Duffau St-Emilion R 94-97 2020-2040 €€€
Lynch-Bages Pauillac L 94-96 2018-2035 €€€
La Fleur-Pétrus Pomerol R 94-96 2018-2030 €€€€
Clinet Pomerol R 94-96 2018-2035 €€€
Troplong Mondot St-Emilion R 94-96 2020-2038 €€€+
Pavie-Macquin St-Emilion R 94-96 2020-2035 €€€
Larcis Ducasse St-Emilion R 94-96 2018-2030 €€€
Clos Fourtet St-Emilion R 93-96 2018-2035 €€€
La Lagune Haut-Médoc L 93-95 2017-2030 €€
Malescot St-Exupery Margaux L 93-95 2020-2035 €€€
Duhart Milon Pauillac L 93-95 2020-2035 €€€
Beau-Séjour Bécot St-Emilion R 93-95 2017-2030 €€€
Magdelaine St-Emilion R 93-95 2020-2035 €€€
Léoville Poyferré St-Julien L 93-95 2020-2035 €€€
Rauzan-Ségla Margaux L 92-95 2020-2040 €€€
Calon Ségur St-Estèphe L 92-95 2023-2040 €€€
Branaire-Ducru St-Julien L 92-95 2022-2035 €€
Lagrange St-Julien L 92-94 2017-2030 €€
Grand-Puy-Lacoste Pauillac L 92-94 2020-2035 €€€

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2 thoughts on “25 Collectables from Bordeaux 2009

  1. Jimmy KP

    I understand that the esteemed Robert Parker has rated this vintage very highly with the possibility of 22 wines acheiving a perfect 100 score. You have only rated 4 first growths with this potential. Does this mean you are less positive than Mr Parker or are there some wines that you rate more highly than him, albeit below the 100 potential.

    1. Gavin

      Hi Jimmy KP

      That's a good point. My subscription to eRP has just expired and at the moment I'm trying to unravel a heinous online fraud on my credit card before I stick in details of another one.

      However, I'm helped by the excellent people at Liv-ex who posted Parker's potential 100 pointers here.

      I'll put up a separate blog post on what I think the eventual score will be for each of those wines that Parker has mentioned. One thing to bear in mind is that RP gave so many high scores to the 2008s that he didn't really have much option but to go far higher with the 2009s.