Bordeaux 2009: “Deal or No Deal?” A Flock of Tweets

twitsHere are my Tweets on the prices of the main 2009s to date, with the most recent ones first. To be kept up to date, follow me on Twitter.

I’m also keeping my handy 2009 v 2005 Buyer’s Guide up to date as prices are released.

Here are my tweets on the 2009s:

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.” Here I am, probably not for long after this re #bdx09

RT @woodswine: Mouton, Cheval Blanc £3,900/6, Margaux £4,400, Latour, Lafite £5,000. Gulp – about £20 per gulp in fact [Lafite 5k/6? Cheap]

“We now have a small amount of 2nd tranche Cos d’Estournel at £2700#bdx09 [I’ll take 2 cases of the super, 98 pt 2005]

Nicolas Anelka has as much chance of winning the golden boot as many of these #bdx09 primeurs have of increasing in value

Well done @ BauducAnge, back from 180km, 5 day school cycling trip up the Medoc, with 60 local kids. Bonkers but brave.

de Fieuzal red #bdx09 a value Buy £260/€315, to drink. 91-93+ RP, 91-93 GQ, best I’ve tasted. New team, new level.

This is an expensive end of the week for all those who pre-ordered #bdx09. Prices at very top end of (high) estimates.

Livex #Bdx09 release: Leoville Barton €62,50 p/b ex-negociant: +131% on 2008 (€27) +26% on 2005 (€49,50)

RT @Livex: #Bdx09 release: Beausejour Becot €43.2 p/b ex-negociant: -4% on 2005 (€45) [OMG – is that a MINUS sign?]

Canon la Gaffeliere #bdx09 at £680/€816. RP 94-96, GQ 91-93. The fab 2005, £550 now, tops it for me, 95 GQ, 94 RP.

Big fan of Branaire-Ducru #bdx09 92-95 RP, 92-95 GQ. But at £495/€595 it’s the same as 2005 now, 95 RP and 95 GQ.

Buy Bordeaux 2009? Compare #bdx09 points and prices with 2005, on 175 top wines

Lynch Bages #bdx09 at £900/€1080. RP 94-96+, GQ 94-96. With the less exciting 2005 at £800, this is blue chip

La Lagune #bdx09 ≥ £390/€470 is a Buy. 94-96 RP, 93-95 GQ, equivalent quality 2005 is £500/€600

Clinet #bdx09 is a Must Buy Pomerol ≥£800/€970. Only 16% up on 05 EP ex-chat and 97-100* RP (94-96+ GQ). I’m in.

Pontet Canet #bdx09 at £900 was a buy, but £1100? Yield in 09 was 34% up on the superb 96+ pt 2005, now £750.

Pontet Canet #bdx09 at £900/€1080 is a buy. First tranche/offer, price on the move. 97? I buy that. 100 in btl? I doubt it.

Grand-Puy-Lacoste #bdx09 ≥ £575. Same as 05 now. RT @Livex: New blog post: The latest from the Left Bank

Lagrange #bdx09 ≥ £400. 92-94 GQ, 90-93 RP. ’00 is £470. To cellar & drink, ’06 and ’08 ≥ £250, both 91 ish.

‘Ere we Go, ‘Ere we Go: Calon Ségur 2009. Sold out, same price as ’00 now. #bdx09

Primeur campaign proper used to start after chat between Anthony Barton of Leoville and J-M Cazes of Lynch Bages. Didn’t happen #bdx09

Big guns waiting for Léoville Barton to come out #bdx09 – Anthony B is ‘fed up with being the first’ so someone else’s turn. Impasse.

La Tour Figeac #bdx09 at £255/€300 is a Buy. Always good value, next to Cheval Bl. 92-94 for me, 91-93 RP, @Timatkin 91. I’m buying Magnums.

Alter Ego #bdx09 at £395/€475. Best yet but some 09 2nd wines are v pricey. Fine if you’re minted, or go for 2 cases of Margaux first wines.

d’Armailhac #bdx09 £330/€395 is a Buy. I rate it 91-93, RP 90-93, better than 2005 for me. 2009 price is up 15% on 2005 En P which ain’t bad

The true craft of the Bordelais is to crank up the prices across back vintages (2005 anyone?) by exploiting demand in ones like 2009 #bdx09

Gruaud Larose #bdx09 release price ex-chateau is €32 up from €28 in 05. That’s not bad given the RP 92-94+ & hype compared to 89? for the 05

Haut-Bages Libéral #bdx09 is not tasted by RP. I rate it 91-93 so £290/€350 is OK for a classy Pauillac. Drink not punt. 94 @Timatkin btw

Grand Puy Ducasse #bdx09 is one Pauillac that definitely made a better wine in 09 than 05. A fair buy – to drink not punt at £265/€318

Clerc Milon #bdx09 – if you are a buyer at £430/€516 EP, why are you not buying the equally good 2005 for £380/€456? Both 92 pts ish

The #bdx09 campaign in two tweets? Go compare @FarrVintners and @newbordeauxon pitching Pagodes de Cos. ! versus ?

[£420+ Ouch] RT @Livex: #Bdx09 release: Pagodes de Cos €36 p/b ex-negociant: +82% on 2008 (€19.75) +71% on 2005 (€21)

Giscours 2000-2005, all six 90+ RP, all under £200 EP except 05. All now £300-500. #bdx09 £435 EP 91-93RP, 90-92GQ. Rich?

Giscours #bdx09 £435, toppy. 91-93 RP, 90-92 GQ, 16 JR. (From same owner, buy du Tertre £260 90-92 RP, 90-91 GQ, 17.5 JR)

Potensac #bdx09 is fair at £175, just – to drink not punt. Best yet, RP & GQ 89-91, JR 17. 90pt 2005 was £130EP, now £200.

Haut-Batailley #bdx09 follows current trend. 2005 was €18 ex-chateau, 06 €15.75, 07 €15.50, 08 €14.5 and 2009 up at €19.5

Haut-Batailley #bdx09 at £280 is a Buy. Best yet for me, 91-93, and Jancis 17.5. RP just 88-90. 2005 was £215 EP now £300.

Larcis Ducasse #bdx09 £450+ = Buy. RP underrated it (good news) at 91-94 (GQ 94-96). Sound investment. Low yields 28hl/ha.

Cantemerle and Chasse Spleen #bdx09 at £240 and £210. For pleasure in 10 yrs+, order them in Magnums. Really worth it, no regrets. #primeurs

Cantemerle #bdx09 £240. GQ 90-92, RP 92-94. Lovely wine, v popular… but same price as 2005 today, a 90 GQ/RP, which was £160 EP. #primeurs via web

Monbrison #bdx09. I rated it 90-92, pity it’s up to £225 (16€ ex-chat). 2008 was €11.5 ex-ch, and the 2005 was €13 ex-ch (£160 EP) #primeurs

L’Arrosée #bdx09 at £330: I rated 2009 89-91, RP 92-94, but I much prefer the 2005 (93 GQ/RP), which was £255 EP and £375+ today. #primeurs

Chasse Spleen #bdx09 at £210 is a buy. Best since 86/89, 90-92 RP and GQ, ok price: 2005 not as good, 88 GQ, was £160 EP now £230+ #primeurs

Bernadotte #bdx09 from Pichon Lalande team, 10€ ex-chateau, up frm 7€ in 08 and 8.25€ in 05, equals £140. Pretty good for RP 90-92, GQ 88-90

Duhart Milon made 20,000 cases #bdx09. 71ha, 39hl/ha, 65% in First Wine. Ex-Cht €360/12 #primeurs, ex-Negoce 456€, now trading €1000+. Gosh.

Dauzac #bdx09 £270 EP, GQ 90-93, RP 88-90. OK but 2005 price was £200 EP now just £275, with 91 GQ and RP pts & 5 stars Decanter #primeurs

Flowering has begun in Merlot and Cabernet Franc for #bdx10 so some Chateaux might want to see how it goes before pricing #bdx09 #primeurs

Duhart Milon 2005 was £240 Dec 2007. Now £650+. Where is the #bdx09 released 19/5 ex-ch at €30? Regular buyers got it but expect price surge

I bought Duhart Milon 2005, in bottle, in Dec 2007 for £240/cs. Something tells me that I won’t be getting the #bdx09 for that. #primeurs

Tronquoy Lalande #bdx09 is indeed ‘best ever’ (RP) but then it used to be crap. I score 89-91+. Whopping increase in price to £240 #primeurs

Haut Bergey #bdx09 at £230 is more now than 92RP 2005, which cost £160. Lovely wine, I rate 09 91-92, RP 92-94. To drink not punt #primeurs

Rouget #bdx09 at £320 is a buy. There won’t be many Pomerol 09s of this quality at this price. I rated it 91-93, as did RP, JR17 #primeurs

Ormes de Pez #bdx09 at £240 (17€ ex-chateau)? 2005 wasn’t as good but cost £170, 15€ ex-chat, now £235. I rated 09 90-92, RP 88-90 #primeurs

would buy #bdx09 La Tour Carnet at £230, in my top 100 with 90-93. Best yet, big wine, price ex-chat € just 4% over 2005 (£180 EP)#primeurs

Lynch Moussas #bdx09 at £240 v Batailley at £265 from same stable? No question, take Batailley. Lynch Moussas not in my top 200 #primeurs

would buy #bdx09 Poujeaux at £210. 91+ likely, best yet, just 10% pricier ex-chateau € than 2005 (90 in bottle for me), 05 was £150#primeurs

would buy #bdx09 du Tertre at £260, 91+ pts likely and ex-chateau € price is marginally over 2005 #primeurs. 2005 cost £210 EP and now £280+

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2 thoughts on “Bordeaux 2009: “Deal or No Deal?” A Flock of Tweets

  1. Southlondonista

    Dear Gavin

    I've been getting more and more interested in the proverbial world of wine since taking the plunge in the 2005 En Primeur campaign and have been enjoying your excellent tweets this time round [and NOW I see what use Twitter can be to the human race!].

    FYI this is what I've gone for in recent weeks: Pontet Canet, Batailley, Poujeaux, Sarget de Gruaud Larose, Lynch Bages, Ormes de Pez, Haut Bailly, d’Angludet, Dmn de Chevalier Rouge, Duhart Milon, Leoville-Poyferré, Le Petit Mouton, Carruades de Lafite, 2008 Mouton Rothschild, 2006 Mouton Rothschild

    To be honest I got a bit more "enthusiastic" than planned to say the least and whilst the last four were, shall we say, speculative, I also thought it was about time I had some First Growths in my collection and wanted to get them now in case the prices headed too far north and out of reach for ever.

    I don't think I could justify renting out the whole farmhouse, but if you have any decent B&Bs/hotels nearby and are receptive to visits it would be great to meet up sometime.

    Keep up the great tweeting 🙂

    1. Gavin

      Hi Chris/SouthLondonista
      As per our private emails since your message, regarding coming over, I look forward to it. That's an impressive line-up of 09s you've bought. Some are even for drinking…