Picked for Hotel du Vin

We are delighted to announce that the wines of Château Bauduc have been selected as the “Premium” house wines for the Hotel du Vin group.

dsc_0012_2Our wines have now been delivered to all fourteen locations in England and Scotland. Other than the flattering endorsement of our red, white and rosé, all of which have the Bauduc/Hotel du Vin label, this provides a great opportunity for us to host wine tastings and wine dinners for many of our customers around the UK. We’d be delighted to read any ideas or suggestions you may have for what might – or might not – work at the various locations.

The fourteen Hotel du Vins are at: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Harrogate, Henley-on-Thames, York, Newcastle, Poole, Tunbridge Wells and Winchester.

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14 thoughts on “Picked for Hotel du Vin

  1. Mark Denby

    Good foryou. Well done.
    By coincidence we had lunch at the Hotel du Vin in Brighton yesterday with my brother and sister in law from Spain.Every Christmas Hanna gives our three children a voucher for a weekend at one of the Hotel du Vins.
    Tomorrow the four of us are joining Colin and Jill (who you provide wine for in Spain)to go to see Phantom of the Opera and on Sunday the finals of the tennis at the O2 to hopefully see Nadal.
    Kind regards

  2. David Stuart

    I live close to the Newcastle Hotel du Vin and whilst they do hold wine events, they are not well published and rarely seem to major on Bordeaux even though one of their sommelier's spent some time as a wine-maker in St Emilion. What can you do to change the emphasis, please?

    1. Gavin

      Thanks for the comment, David. As for how we might change the emphasis, I can't comment on how things have been done before but I'd certainly like to think that anything we do will work for all parties, and most of all for the customer. Here's a stab at what we would do:
      1. Properly liaise with HdV to see what works in their experience. HdV have a new Director of Wine, Ronan Sayburn, and we've had discussions on all this.
      2. We'd probably go for a wine tasting (for 60+?) and a dinner (20+?) depending on the size of the rooms and customer feedback. I'd do the chat, and we'd have a Q and A.
      3. We'd invite our customers, mostly by email, and we'd try to make sure we get a good turnout. I'm not planning on coming to Newcastle to host a tasting for just Joey Barton and his next door neighbour.
      4. I don't expect Hotel du Vin to assist us with invitations, unless they choose to. I would hope to get the support of some customers to bring friends in some places where our customers are a bit thin on the ground.
      5. We'll have to consider many details – size of the rooms, how much to charge for the tasting and dinner, (I'd vote for a small fee for the tasting, refundable against purchases etc), special room rates for customers, which wines, other wines or just Bauduc, glass types, and so on. The advantage here is that we can try and roll out a similar schedule in as many locations as poss.
      Any further thoughts, do let me know.
      Best wishes, Gavin

  3. Rosemary Palmes

    Glad to see you are coming to Tunbridge Wells Hotel du Vin event. When will this be? If in July we might even be able to get Howard,Kate and their gang along too when they are over from Hong Kong. Signed: 'Delighted' of Tunbridge Wells.(Well,close anyway).

    1. Gavin

      Good to hear from you, and we hope all's well. I trust Howard is raking it in in Hong Kong, or at least enjoying the tax-free environment as far as wine is concerned. Not sure about the Bauduc tour dates – July is tricky because it's the school holidays and it's sunny in Bordeaux – but we will keep you posted. Kind regards, Gavin.

  4. Paul

    You know, it's not always quantity that counts over quality. Joey Barton's pretty loaded in more ways than one. What's more, I understand he lives in a fairly salubrious Newcastle neighbourhood (if that isn't an oxymoron) which presently includes Kevin Nolan and his housemate Andy Carroll. Get them along, let it be known to the Toon army and you might find your cellars running dry rather fast.

    1. Gavin

      Thanks Paul
      As you say, it's not always quantity that counts over quality. Anyway, I'd be delighted to have Joey, Kev and Andy come if you could fix it for us. Best wishes, Gavin.

  5. Cassie

    Hello, I was advised to contact you by Lisa Williams, I am her sister in law and i work and live in Brighton.

    I am very good friends with Henry Butler who owns Butlers Wine Cellar and he's a brilliant wine expert.

    He does regular tastings in and around brighton and I plan and arrange events as often as possible.

    In September this year we did a charity wine tasting event and raised a huge amount of money for cancer charities.

    We would both be very keen to help run or do tastings or events with yourselves and Henry has contacts everywhere which might come in useful.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me any time if you think we could help or collaborate perhaps.

    Best Wishes,

    Cassie Gould

    1. Gavin

      Hi Cassie
      Well done on raising a stash of cash for charity. Thanks for the offer of help – I'll email you separately. Best wishes, Gavin

  6. Richard Lord - (OS -

    Have you had any joy with approaching National Trust UK to promote your Stowe label wines through their new Tourist//Visiotor Centre opening shortly? Thought that their might be sopme mileage as they will not only have a retail shop, but also restaurant for visitors to Stowe Gardens. Also thought that perhaps if it could be organised via Stowe Charities – Sue Rodwell or Colin Dugeon (+44 (0)1280 818320 )- then perhaps the Stowe Charities could also have an income //percentage. Just a thought!!

    All very best, Richard Lord

    1. Gavin

      Hi Richard
      We haven't approached the National Trust to promote the Stowe label. In fact we've been very slack at promoting it full stop, so I need to get onto it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for the idea. Kind regards, Gavin

  7. Lindsay

    I would love to attend one of your Hotel du Vin tastings. How would one go about getting on the mailing list for invites?

    1. Gavin

      The answer to your question, in general, is to either register with us (with your home address as well as email) on the Bauduc site in 'Sign in or Register' or simply add your name and email address in the box at the top of this page. I can see that you've done the latter (or possibly through another page), thanks, so you're on the list. But thanks for drawing it to my attention that you'd like to be included in the tastings.