Bauduc Rosé Cocktail – Refreshed & Updated

Many old friends will be familiar with this Bauduc summer cocktail but you can add another optional ingredient: cranberry juice. This is a great drink that you can prepare in advance of a small party. Without any vodka, it’s pretty low in alcohol too.


Bauduc Rose Cocktail

For 25 long drinks, pre-mix in a very large jug:

2 bottles of Château Bauduc Rosé 2010

50cl Cranberry juice

Lime cordial

A squeeze of fresh lime juice

Slug of vodka (optional)

Keep the mix cold and slice up 3 limes into wedges. When guests arrive, put ice into some tall tumblers and half-fill with the Rosé mixture. Then fill each glass completely with Canada Dry (you’ll need about 2 litres in all). Garnish with fresh mint leaves if possible, and squeeze a small lime wedge over each glass and drop it in.

I suggest you test out the measures beforehand to suit your taste but be careful not to overdo it.

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2 thoughts on “Bauduc Rosé Cocktail – Refreshed & Updated

  1. Connol Coan

    A little known cocktail that is one of my favourites is this ;-

    3 measures of Bauduc Blanc

    1 measure of white vermouth preferably Dolins Chamberey although any will do

    Half measure of triple sec

    Half measure of Gin preferably Gordons distillers cut(not their standard stuff) or Sacred gin (if you can get it as it is slightly better than Sipsmiths)

    I like to drink this from a highball filled with ice and a dash of angustura bitters( 2 dashes max!)