Test Your Knowledge of French Wine Regions

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A warning: this brilliant online quiz can be quite addictive, more so if you’re into the geography of French wine regions. It’s in French but the language isn’t a barrier as you simply have to pin the tail on the donkey, as it were.

The trick, other than having an encyclopedic knowledge of French wine, is to be lightening fast to gain extra points. If you get hooked, the upside is that you’ll probably learn about the location of previously unheard-of (and some might say pointless) appellations. Added to which, you’ll see in the menu – top left – that there are questions on French cheeses, towns and rivers: a whole summer’s worth of trivia.

As is often the case, I found the link through Twitter via wine writer @jamiegoode although it seems (according to @hamishwm in his Bella Wines blog) that Jamie Hutchinson got there first on the forum on Tom Cannavan’s wine-pages.com. Whatever, my thanks to these guys for getting me hooked. Let me know how you get on.

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6 thoughts on “Test Your Knowledge of French Wine Regions

  1. Stephen

    40090 on third try. There's a bit of cheating, though. At least three of the 'never-heard-of-before' AOC's had popped up on the first two. So only the first one counts. Yes, Gavin, this is addictive. I've got barrels to sell!

  2. Gavin

    Angela hasn't exactly banned me from playing but she's given me a few disapproving looks.

    Ronan – how have you done? 87,200 is my best effort (in the best of the day at the foot of the page, toot toot).

  3. Martyn Leadley

    Humbling – you think you know quite a bit on the subject, but soon learn how little you do know ! Highly addictive – be warned !