What people say about Bauduc on Twitter

IMG_9051Here are a few things that people have been saying on Twitter about Château Bauduc.

Twitter’s new custom timeline feature is a nifty way of bringing together a few choice tweets on any subject. (Here’s a brief guide and a video on how to create a custom timeline using Twitter’s Tweetdeck, which is how timelines have to be created. I recommend Tweetdeck if you run two or more Twitter accounts; mine are @GavinQuinney and @ChateauBauduc, while @BauducAnge spends most of her time following cricket.)

Scroll up and down inside the box to see the brief selection of tweets. We’ll be updating the timeline, so you’ll see more recent tweets than the date of this blog post. Thank you to everyone who has tweeted… and keep tweeting.

Here’s what it looks like on Twitter. If you have any questions, do ask in the comments box below, or send us a tweet.

Twitter grew 44% from June 2012 to March 2013, according to a survey.

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