Bauduc ‘Hail Sale’ in The Telegraph

hail_saleMany thanks to everyone who chipped in for the Bauduc hail sale. The offer on our 2010 and 2011 whites went down really well and prices are still at a knockdown rate, so do stock up before the Christmas rush; if it’s been on your to-do list, please take a minute to order.

It was great to see the ‘hail sale’ in the Telegraph wine column at the weekend. In her article on buying online, Victoria Moore perfectly summed up what we’re all about, after mentioning Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Laithwaites and The Wine Society.

‘But for me the real thrill of online wine shopping is the chance to escape the giants. It’s all about stories, immediacy, connection, a chance to root around making new discoveries or, more to the point, getting in touch with people who’ve made them for you, buying the wine you want when you want and having it delivered all with sublime ease.*

One online micro-trend gathering momentum is for producers to sell direct to customers. Think of the likes of Gavin Quinney, whom I wrote about over the summer when swathes of his crop were smashed by bad weather, and who is now having a “hail sale” (Bauduc) to try to get back on his feet.’

Back in August, we emailed everyone with a link to Victoria’s article ’Hailstorms: when ice and wine don’t mix’. A dramatic piece about our little catastrophe was probably not the ideal press coverage but it was a welcome silver lining:


Victoria also added a list of recommended wines, brilliantly entitled ’Do your bit to help the hail stricken’:

Hailstorms_ Telegraph - 2013-11-26_10.51.38


‘My pick of Gavin Quinney’s (pre-hail) wines is his sauvignon blanc, as crisp as a bite of green apple. This has long been a house wine at Gordon Ramsay, also the white I chose to pour at a big family party –and I still like it.’


The dodgy scan above is how Victoria’s Chateau Bauduc recommendation looked in print. But we especially like the online version as of now (right), if only for the title of the ‘related’ story at the foot of the page under ‘More from The Telegraph’.


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