All go in the vineyard

Another year, another vintage. This will be our fifteenth full season at Bauduc and no doubt it will throw up some unforeseen challenges. Right now it’s pruning time, and whilst it’s not been quite as wet here as in parts of the UK, it’s fortunate that we’re up on a hill. Here are some Winter snaps.

The pruning started in December in ideal conditions: cold and dry with frosty mornings, so that the sap had fully receded; and there’s less risk of spreading some vine diseases if you prune when it’s dry.

Daniel and Nelly are pictured here, having to work their way around some hail-damaged branches. You can see where the vine shoots took a peppering from the hail in August. The damage was more severe on the ripening grapes than the branches, which wasn’t good news for 2013 but it bodes better for this year. Many of our neighbours were hit much harder and have real problems with pruning severely damaged vines for 2014.

Then it rained. Thankfully, most of the rain has drained off the slopes, although it’s pretty soggy on the clay plateau.

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