10 Takeaways from ProWein

IMG_1844I just got back from ProWein, the massive wine trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. 48,000 visitors (up 7% from last year), 4,800 exhibitors from 48 countries. Here are ten things I learned about networking, wine and trade shows.

  • The beauty of wine is that it has to come from a place. Unlike other industries, production can’t just be shifted to where the labour is cheapest.
  • The price of wine is down to PEPS: Perceived Exclusivity, Publicity and Scarcity.
  • If you think there are too many wines to choose from, you’re right. The number of labels is overwhelming. The trick is learning how to pick the right ones, or to know someone who can.
  • If you own a vineyard, or are thinking of doing so, the show can make you feel like an existential drop in the vast ocean of wine.
  • The number of visitors from China and Asia doubled from last year. China and Hong Kong combined, by the way, is the biggest market for Bordeaux, up from nowhere a few years ago.
  • Prowein is popular with the UK wine trade. Buyers, journalists, merchants, sommeliers, brand owners and so on. Most of them are on Twitter.
  • Pouring wine on a stand to random passers-by might be a good way to sell (or buy) wine if you like lucky dips. Arranging to meet existing and potential buyers/sellers seems more fruitful.
  • A great lifestyle would be to have a European vineyard for April – October and another in South Africa for December to March. Overnight flight, similar time zone, good weather.
  • The wine business is full of the most generous, interesting people from around the world. Even if we might all be broke.
  • Next year’s Prowein runs from 15 to 17 March 2015. See you there. Twitter @GavinQuinney


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