The start of the white harvest – in pictures

Our harvest kicked off this morning. Usually, there’s a bit of breathing space between the end of the school holidays and the start of the vendanges but the vines are more advanced this year. So it’s all go.


The bunches are healthy and the leaves bright and verdant as we move into the final stretch. The forecast looks promising so the whites will be picked next week, mostly, during the cool of the early morning. We’ll harvest the red grapes for making rosé at around the same time, a week or two before the first Merlots for producing red, and lastly the Cabernets.

The first block to come is some Sauvignon Blanc that we planted on gravel and clay in the early 2000s. The warm soil and terroir always leads to this parcel ripening early.

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4 thoughts on “The start of the white harvest – in pictures

  1. David Stuart

    The Harvest? Already? Surely not! Best wishes Gavin and every success for 2015. You could do with a break in Bordeaux (and so could I).