Caption Competition

On the sorting table at Bauduc.

Mr Stein on the sorting table at Chateau Bauduc.

After we put up this pic on Facebook, our brother-in-law Justin suggested we should have a caption competition for the photo of us all on the sorting table. Rick with Tom, Gavin, Angela and Sophie, sorting Cabernet Sauvignon. You can be as rude as you wish, within reason. You can enter by commenting here, or email gavin at bauduc dot com, go to our Facebook page, tweet us @ChateauBauduc or comment on Instagram @ChateauBauduc. The winner and the runner-up will receive a case of 12 and a 6-pack respectively (UK delivery only, sorry). Closing date midnight, Tuesday 2 November.

Update to announce the winners: Thank you to everyone who entered.

The winner: “This looks like an excellent year: let’s keep it away from Ramsay.” Frank Jackson, The Connemara.

Runner-up: “Some of the younger chefs are more familiar with snorting tables.” Tim Atkin MW.

Sorry, Tim’s line is totally unsuitable but it made us laugh.

Here are all the printable entries below. What was quite interesting was how people entered – mostly by replying to our email, and quite a few on the Chateau Bauduc Instagram and Facebook pages above which, in truth, need a bit more focus from us. And just one entry on Twitter. Perhaps we would have had quite a few replies if we’d put the competition on our personal Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages (eg, Gavin Quinney) but we really wanted to see what our customers and friends on our email list had to say. Any thoughts welcome – gavin at bauduc dot com.

Entries by email

“Try as I might I can find no seafood!”

“Bugger this lets go and have a drink!” (This was a close third, ed.)

Mike Cannon

“You think I’m going to drink this next year – No wonder we’re all wearing surgical gloves !!”

Norman Price

Rick Stein “Do you really press these once they’ve been fondled?”


Rick Stein “Really, these produce a red wine!”

Tony Baker

“Yes I will pay you 6 euro a bottle for the 2015 vintage but it will be £60 a bottle in my restaurant !!”

Christopher Godber

“Wow, they don’t even have caviare that size in Texas!”

Richard Bampfield

“So, who’s taking their socks off first?”

Jill Hughes

“What a funny looking bunch” Said one grape to another!

Jill Hughes

“Some of the younger chefs are more familiar with snorting tables.”

Tim Atkin MW

‘An extra 5% discount, then I’ll give you a hand!

Henrietta Thompson

Rick to Gavin & Angela: “I’ve aged long enough – can we have a glass or two NOW?”

Tim Walter

Rick: “You’ve got a lovely touch squeezing those grapes, Angela”.

Chris Crook

“And all of this came out of one Rabbit”

Katie Bullock-Webster

“Look Angela, you squeeze my grapes and I’ll cook up something that you’ve never had before”

Mark M-C

‘Smells fishy to me!”

‘So how am I going to crush them with my feet when they’re way up here?!’

Stuart Sinclair

More from our Facebook page

Steve Leacock

Much to everyone’s amusement Rick congratulates Gavin on the quality of his low hanging fruit…

Tony Hirst

“Has anyone seen my Rolex recently?”

Mike Rogerson

“No Gavin, you definitely said helping with fruit de MER not TERROIR”

Rhys and Andrew, our design guys at Reasonably Good.

One as a comment below

Isn’t it wonderful what you can do to Semillon with just a smidgeon of cuttlefish ink?

Keith Hearnden

Just one on Twitter – Chateau Bauduc

And more from our Chateau Bauduc Instagram:




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