Bauduc white at 13 years old: “Really super stuff”


It’s important to look like you know what you’re doing. Daniel, our vineyard manager, listens patiently.

The 2002 harvest, above, seems a long time ago. When we bottled our white wine with a Stelvin screwcap for the first time for that vintage – and it wasn’t easy finding the right kit in Bordeaux back then – we weren’t expecting anyone to keep any back. Yet Richard Hemming MW has just given it the highest rating of white wines from the region (17/20) on on 1 December (subscription required). Fortunately he liked the current range almost as much, scoring both our whites 16.5/20.

Here are Richard’s notes on our whites that he tasted.

Ch Bauduc, Les Trois Hectares Sémillon 2014 Bordeaux
Broad, just as Sémillon should be – textural and waxy – not very grassy, but there are a few bits of herb in there. Then quite a dense, viscous finish. This shares a lot of the qualities of young Hunter Valley Smillon – I wonder if it would develop those same toasty aromas? 12%
Drink 2015-2020, 16.5/20

Available here, at £10.67 per bottle

Ch Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Bordeaux
Lovely viscosity and mouthfeel – there’s so much texture to enjoy here. Flavours are as expected but well controlled, more like yellow citrus than green herbs.
Drink 2015-2017, 16.5/20

Available here, at £9.95 per bottle

Ch Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Bordeaux
Hail-affected vintage. Certainly greener than the 2014, but there is good balance – bright acid, fresh balance and no dilution. The flavour profile illustrates how hail impacts on ripeness.
Drink 2014-2016, 16/20

DSC01011 - Version 3

We bottled the 2002 white with both cork and Stelvin. The cork version is past it.

Ch Bauduc, Les Trois Hectares Sémillon 2007 Bordeaux
Toasty and caramelised, buttery and creamy – still intact, not oxidative. Spiced, fragrant. Really creditable and interesting.
Drink 2009-2014, 16.5/20

Ch Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon 2002 Bordeaux
83% Sauvignon Blanc, 17% Sémillon.
Toasty, expressive, plenty of fresh citric attack still in force then there’s a lovely range of grapefruit and honeycomb flavour on the palate. Long finish. This is really super stuff, and vindicates a good vintage that has aged well under screwcap.
Drink 2005-2018, 17/20

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