Those new UK drinking guidelines


With all that new wine, it feels strange to be cast in the role of villain. You’ve probably seen Dame Sally’s new UK drinking guidelines and you might be as bemused as we are. Most of our wine ends up in Britain; we don’t regard it as poison and we’re confident that most of our customers don’t either (oi, no heckling from the back). Wine is something to be enjoyed, especially with a meal, and when you’ve had enough, just stop.

Here are some excellent articles on the subject. We’re slightly biased, naturally.

Andrew Jefford in Decanter magazine: UK drinking limits – toxic advice?

“Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, fired a torpedo at the nation’s drinkers in the first week of 2016. Or did she? Let’s examine the facts.”

Charles Moore in The Telegraph: Don’t let the public health zealots demonise us innocent drinkers

“The new guidelines are not intended to stand alone – they are part of a net of repressive policies.”

Jamie Goode, Spoiling pleasure: why we should be angry about the UK Chief Medical Officers Alcohol Guidelines Review

Adam Jacobs, aka The Stats Guy: New Alcohol Guidelines

Christopher Snowden, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: The Chief Medical Officer is misleading the public

David Spiegelhalter, Understanding Uncertainty: Medicine, poison, poison, poison

Paola Tich, Sip Swoosh Sip: Wine In The Time Of Guidelines

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