Pass the Tippex – June review

This month has all been about passports.

I couldn’t find mine on the 1st of June and duly missed my flight to England. As I was due to host a dinner for 60 customers in London, it was a huge relief that the British Consulate in Bordeaux could supply an Emergency Passport (who knew?) just before the last available flight to Gatwick.

It takes six weeks for a replacement, they say, but luckily I didn’t need one for the internal flight to Nice to watch England on Monday. It’s not been a good week.

Meanwhile, we’re looking to become French citoyens – dual citizenship is allowed – for the same reason that others at home are checking to see if one of their grandparents was, in fact, Irish. Then again, Frexit could follow Brexit and we’ll soon be googling ’what is a Spanish golden visa?’

Anyway, we probably needn’t worry. Mr Farage might just have ensured that there’ll soon be a second vote, one way or another, by shaming the nation with his ghastly bastardisation of Bob Monkhouse’s lovely line. “When I said I was going to become a comedian, they all laughed. Well, they’re not laughing now, are they?”

Angela has asked me not to have a rant, so it’s best if I leave it there. In the meantime, our Sauvignon Blanc 2015 has nearly sold out.

If you’d like to escape it all later in the summer, our lovely farmhouse is available from 26 August to 9 September. Do make the most of the pitifully low sterling rates on our website while you still can. And don’t forget your passport.Onwards and upwards, and here’s hoping for a happier July.

Onwards and upwards, and here’s hoping for a happier July.

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One thought on “Pass the Tippex – June review

  1. Hanna Denby

    There are some of your clients, like me who voted to leave the EU who do not appreciate all your sniping on Facebook, what sad losers the remainers are