Red harvest at Bauduc by hand – in pictures

cabernet-by-hand-header-1The harvest was completed at Bauduc last Friday, 21st October. We picked the remaining block of Cabernet Sauvignon by hand, just as we did when Rick Stein came to film the opening episode of his Long Weekends series for the BBC a year ago. (Where does the time go?)

2016-cabernet-by-hand-48It’s been a long harvest in 2016 and strange to think that the first rows we picked – also by hand – were the 10-year old Semillon vines for our sparkling cremant in the next door field as far back as the 12th September. (Funny, that seems like an age ago.)

2016-cabernet-by-hand-56We decided to hold off bringing in the late ripening Cabernet until it was properly ripe, and to pick it by hand, just in case any bunches developed any rot which would have to be cut out. There was only a tiny amount of mould as it turned out, as the weather was pretty kind to us right through to the end, and the grapes were in lovely condition.

There’s also something about the spirit of the harvest when you pick by hand at the close, especially when the whole family’s snipping away with some of the seasonal workers who can see the fruits of a long season’s labour. (’You are too romantic’ wrote our friend Nicky, a fellow vigneronne, on Facebook.)

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