A great harvest, challenges ahead – October review

A long and satisfying harvest and, when we factor in both quality and quantity, our best yet. It’s the first time in 18 harvests that we’ve hit the maximum quota that we’re allowed to make for white and also now for red, and volumes are well up on previous years.

Thank the Lord for that, as the joy of having full tanks of fermenting juice has been somewhat diluted by the news surrounding the pound. Exactly one year ago, the exchange rate was €1.40 to £1. Today, at €1.12, we’d have to increase our net price per bottle (i.e. excluding shipping, UK duty and delivery) by 25% in the UK to be level pegging with last November.

It’s certainly a sticky challenge for the UK wine trade going forward and our cheesy ’Wines for the Fall… at prices before the Rise’ email pretty much summed it up. 2017 will be the year of having to come up with a plan.

Harvest-wise, it was red October and after the first article, in which we gloat over the amount of wine we’ve made, there’s a re-cap of the stuff we’ve posted online – not including our drivel (well, Gavin’s) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Bauduc 2016 – our biggest… and best?
  • Red harvest by hand – in pictures
  • Red harvest by machine – in pictures
  • Wines for the Fall… at prices before the Rise
  • Quinneys picking – in pictures
  • Bordeaux 2016 harvest – quality and quantity
  • Bordeaux 2016 – the harvest in Pomerol, in pictures

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