July Review and a Special Commemoration

July has been a weird month, with mixed weather and a great deal of work in the vineyard. Despite the late Spring frost and cool July, the grapes are already well on the way to changing colour: the veraison, as it’s called, normally doesn’t take place until August and it’s on course to be the earliest harvest of the last ten years, 2011 apart. Yet there’s a long way to go.

We had two short breaks away in July, so apart from an important family get-together near Ypres this coming weekend, we will be here for much of August. We’ll be posting pictures of grapes, vines and various animals on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – see the links below.

  • Collecting wine from the Chateau or Calais
  • 2017: an early crop despite late Spring frost
  • Créon – food shop central
  • 10 of the best wine Twits to follow
  • Noel Chavasse: a special Centenary Commemoration

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