January news review

January has been anything but dry in the vineyard, and fairly miserable for the four who are out there pruning and the others who follow behind, pulling out and removing last year’s branches by hand. A rain-free, chilly fortnight ahead (since Sunday, above) will be most welcome for the vines to have a proper winter break.

Angela has just completed a (largely) wine-free month, as is her wont at this time of year, so we thought we’d share a tip, based on experience, on one way to ‘drink less but better’ – potentially all year round.

  • Jane MacQuitty’s ‘Best Buy’ in The Times
  • Decanter: Jane Anson’s top 10 ‘affordable’ Bordeaux wines
  • Dry January and ‘the other half’
  • Wine for “the world’s toughest triathlon”
  • How to source wine for a UK charity event

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