September review – the sunshine harvest

This month has seen our twentieth harvest at Bauduc. We took over the grapes that were on the vines when we arrived at the start of September 1999, so we haven’t quite clocked up 20 years, but the 2018 vintage is still a (frightening) milestone. Daniel was already here, and he still has no grey hairs, while Nelly joined us as a trainee. Pictured below, they’ve both put up with us ever since. Meanwhile, Michel, above, and better known as known as Papi, had already retired back then yet he’s volunteered to help in each and every harvest, and at 85 is still going strong. There’s hope for us all yet.

  • September 2018 – the sunshine harvest
  • Hand picked for sparkling
  • Swapping the 9-5 to a 5-9
  • Reds for Rosé
  • Our 2018 red harvest
  • Farmhouse availability 2019

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