Bauduc Plan B in The Guardian

It was a pleasure to welcome Jon Henley, The Guardian’s European affairs correspondent, to Bauduc last week. He was on a mission to find out more about the impact of a possible no-deal Brexit on Bordeaux wines, and his piece is scheduled to be in the paper early next week. Do look out for it – we’ll mention it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and we’ll link to the online version here when it’s available. (Update – it’s online here.)

Jon caught up with us during the bottling (above, with Daniel and me trying to read the labels). “Last year,” we said, “we didn’t bottle till March. This year, we’ve brought it forward. We have to get enough stock – at least six months’ worth – into the UK well before the end of March. It would be foolish not to.”

We also talked about our ‘deal’ – offering private customers a UK duty-free collection from a Calais warehouse before Brexit day. “Our bottom line is: buy your wine now,” we said. “Fill the garage and the spare room. Because, frankly, nobody has the faintest clue what happens next.”

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