March review

Good Lord. The 29th of March 2019 already.

Now we’re into time added on – what in football we used to call injury time – we still don’t have an answer to the most popular question from visitors in the last two and three quarter years – ‘how will Brexit affect you?’ As Brits in France, exporters to the UK from the EU, and as importers in the UK, we’ll put some answers on a postcard in due course, once we’ve got a stronger indication as to where we’re headed.

The end of March also means it’s Bordeaux en primeur time, again. So here’s this month’s missive:

  • Q1 in the vineyard
  • Wine collect booty
  • 10 top sommeliers in London
  • The nod from Stein on our rosé
  • Air B n Bauduc for Vinexpo
  • Taking in the Swiss Air

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