Château-bottled isn’t what it used to be – in pictures

We’ve been bottling again this week, bringing in the same contractor but using an even smarter machine than before. This one comes in at a couple of million euros on the back of a few trucks, with all the bits, according to Thierry Bergeon who wrote the cheque. He’s the bottling guy and the logistics partner for many of Bordeaux’s leading châteaux. And us.

It’s hard to know whether that’s a good thing (quality) or a bad one (cost). One thing for sure is that we do things differently to the early days. Here we are, below, putting corks and screwcaps on our 2002 whites and rosés in 2003 – screwcaps being almost unheard of in Bordeaux back then. Even now, only two of Thierry’s 18 machines and teams for hire handle screwcaps, the rest all cork only. (And just look how times have changed with the colour of that Rosé.)

Here’s a gallery of fine pictures by Ed Findlay, who works with us in the vines and is a very fine photographer too.

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