Late spring frosts and the luck of the draw

Damaged vines from early May frost, Montagne Saint Emilion 17 May 2019.

Late spring frosts in May are extremely rare in Bordeaux but there were some icy mornings on the weekend of the 5th to 7th May. Some friends here lost the crop from a parcel or two of vines, and although the damage was bad in some spots it was not nearly as widespread as the devastating frost at the end of April 2017. We were spared, fortunately.

This May 2019 frost came on top of the frost in mid-April across various parts of France. Our picture above is of damage in Montagne Saint-Emilion, taken 17th May, while the eye-catching images below of anti-frost candles in April are from Edouard Moueix in Pomerol, and an aerial pic of Chassagne Montrachet in Burgundy, by the impressively-named vigneron, Vincent Dancer.

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