Tractor’s on Fire

Another mini-disaster movie. Maybe it’s just not our year…

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16 thoughts on “Tractor’s on Fire

    1. Gavin

      Yes. It was on the side of the road in the heat for too long, on top of which the cover of the trailer had been splattered with the contents of a fire extinguisher. The grapes inside are now part of the insurance claim – 2800 litres of potential juice lost. That's about 3600 bottles of wine, or 600 cases of 6.

  1. Anabele Matthews

    Watching youtube film of the tractor fire with mouths open (although smiling at soundtrack….) Really bad news – what else can happen this year? Roll on 2010 for all good season. love to all, happy tractor shopping! xx

  2. Ronan

    Not your most lucky year so far Gav,

    That must have been one hell of a fire there's nothing left!

    Good soundtrack,

    Cheers Ronan

  3. Sannah

    Can't believe we have only just seen this disaster movie. We continue to be amazed at your creative ability in the face of adversity.Here's to a better 12 months ahead xx

    1. Gavin

      Thanks Sannah. On the creative bit, the BMW ad sprang to mind at first when I saw the tractor. It's not what we make, it's what we make you feel: deep f***ing joy. (Thankfully, I don't catch that ad that often, as the smugness of it is beginning to grate).
      Later, I figured that the Kings of Leon wouldn't object to a little video clip of our tractor with 71 views on YouTube, compared to 22,000,000 for their original version.
      Love, G

  4. nicola

    Gav , brings a whole new meaning to thermovinification , however also rumored to be part of a protest against EU wine regulation . PLease confirm .

    1. Gavin

      Nics, never tried thermovinification. Sounds painful. As for EU wine regulation, I haven't spent too much time worrying about that. Is there something I should be protesting about? But you know me, I like to conform. Gavin

  5. Ems

    I like some toast to my white, but this is taking it a bit far. As ever, slow to catch on but just seen this and can't believe it…! You are the epitome of KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Much love xxx

    1. Gavin

      Hi Em – yes, a nice toasty white. In fact I spent some time arguing with the loss adjuster after we'd towed the gently smoldering trailer back to the chateau. He reckoned that once we had fermented the juice, no one would notice the difference if we blended all the white wine together. We've actually fermented the juice, after pressing, in a small tank separately, if only to prove the point that he's got it slightly wrong. It's worth doing though as the insurance claim is for the contents of over 3500 bottles. Plus one tractor.

      As for keeping calm, it was such a surreal scene – and a bit of a shock – that it wasn't the moment to lose one's discipline. To be fair, the emergency services and police were swift off the mark. What you didn't see was my answer to the Gendarme in charge, after he questioned me about how I was going to move it. I replied as if I had a wealth at experience of removing burnt-out tractors from main roads in rural France. I think that if you give them the impression that you're in control, they're fine. Panic and you're in the shite.

      Lots of love

      Gavin x

  6. David and Sally Cros

    Gavin and Angela .. our condolences on the loss of your old friend but We're sure that the Phoenix which will arise from the ashes will be a good substitute . In the meantime , I suggest you pack up the Gauloises whilst you are driving .. no good for you anyway !