No posing for the photo please – The Guardian

‘We need a picture of you with the stock you’re planning to sell’ said Jon Henley, the Guardian’s European correspondent, after he came to talk about Bordeaux wine and Brexit. We duly obliged and how smart the online version of his excellent piece looked. Then the picture editor of the print edition called. ‘Not for us, thanks. We need a ‘living the dream’ shot asap – bringing in the harvest, but no posing please.’ That proved more of a challenge than we thought but no doubt you’ll agree that Ange, Georgie and Sophie, below, don’t look like they’re posing. Not one bit. The boss reduced to a miserly cameo role, top right.

The Guardian piece can be seen here.

More posing with pallets

In a similar vein, here I am wedged in between pallets of our 2018 white and rosé, pretending to put bottles into boxes.

Well, that’s how the photographer from Agence France Presse wanted it. (Hopping over the pallet shortly afterwards resulted in a pulled muscle and a somewhat stilted interview, in French.) There’s been a fair amount of interest in Brexit and wine from around the world and even this Tuesday a reporter and photographer from a Japanese newspaper called in.

Here is the online article.


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